It’s my 33rd PopSnark, thirty three like Jesus, just don’t crucify me for being gone so long. I got back from a 6 week trip to Ghana and I’m still in transition. Mercury in retrograde has been kicking my ass thoroughly. But I’m back at it, with my first video of 2016.

I’m rocking a gele, because I have the aso ebi that I spent too much money on but was unable to wear because I allowed myself to be duped into a 419 (I will have a video on that at a later date). I was able to attend the white wedding of my beautiful soror Eni in Accra and it was an amazing time. Eni let me know that she is a fan of #PopSnark, so in ode to one of the best time’s I had in Accra and to kick off my first video of the year, I’m coming to you in full regale. I shall be embracing my full crazy in 2016.