Checking Your Chin (Hairs)

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I don’t think any female likes to admit that she has to deal with hair on her face, well aside from her eyebrows. But as our hormones change, many of us deal with facial hair. From Ashanti side burns to mustache, to just random hairs that grow on your chin or neck, depending on your aesthetic you may want to clean them up. All though I get my eyebrows threaded, the skin on my chin and neck is 100x more sensitive and after one attempt at having those hairs threaded I couldn’t make it through. Next stop was hot wax, which is messy as it drips everywhere. So I was delighted to find out about Veet’s Read-To-Use Wax Strip Kit. One pack comes with wax strips that you can warm up in your hands for bikini, underarm and face area. Super simple to use and the included Perfect Finish Wipes, insure it’s the least messy route towards hair removal.

So in moment of letting it all hang out, I’m bringing you along to take care of my chin hairs.


DSC04078I have a few obnoxious hairs that are sprinkled across my chin and in random spots on my neck. I’m using the wider strips to take care of the patches that I have. You simply rub the stripe in between your hands and it warms up instantly. Pull the strip apart and you have two waxing strips. Place it over the hairs and rub it down against the grain, in the opposite direction of the hair growth. Then with a quick pull, tug it off. Voila! If you’re light & bright like me there will be some obvious redness but once you wipe away the residue with the Perfect Finish Wipe, it goes away in a few seconds.


IMG_1439See the difference Smooth can make at or


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