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I have hidradenitis suppurativa, a skin disease where lumps occur under the skin largely where  skin rubs together and/or areas with hair. So the summertime when arms and legs are bare can be a season of insecurities as I try to hide my underarms that have scarring from the hidradenitis or my legs because shaving significantly irritates my skin. Since hidradenitis is pretty common amongst African-Americans and in-grown hairs are fun for no one, here are some tips on how to prep and smooth your skin for the summertime.

Removing hair

My armpits are a big problem area. Thanks to my beigeness, the discoloration because of the hidradenitis is obvious as soon as I raise my hands and shaving usually irritates the skin and/or leads to in grown hairs which turn into under skin cysts that leave me unable to raise my arm anyways. So to combat this, I Veet. Same goes for the legs. I prefer the Veet Fast Acting Gel Cream Hair Remover. It’s a Gel! It’s a Cream! Really it’s quick, easy and effective to use. Right before showering I slather a bit on to my legs and armpits let set for no more than 10 minutes and voila! Hair free with no pain in between. All taken care of in the shower. 

Drink lots of water

Water is life. I don’t know why people try to avoid it. Push all the impurities out your body with a proper consumption of H2O so that they don’t have to find a way out of your skin in all the wrong places. Hidradenitis is a form of acne so treat it as such.

Avoid fried foods.

Greasy, oily foods are the worst kind of agitators to everyone’s skin. Nutrient deficient and really just a pollutant to the body, deep fried everything is all bad everything in more ways than one.


Shooot….you want to be summertime fine anyways, so get a little bit of cardio and the bonus is you get to tone those legs and arms. I’m currently working my way through P90X3 which is….hard and rewarding. But beyond losing weight, my skin has also benefited. That glow is from the inside out.

So cheers to having fun and showing your best assets this summer! Healthy skin is always a win from head to toe.

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