What did you watch on TV this week? Let me give you a quick run down of how I spent my time letting my brain rest (occasionally), I screamed at my television, and the train wrecks to the intellectually tantalizing television I watch this week. From Monday – Sunday, here’s a weekly catch up on This Week in TV.

Being Mary Jane ain’t even on any more but I recently started watching it and I caught up on the current two seasons of the show. I genuinely enjoyed it even though Mary Jane is bat shit out her God given mind and I have so many questions, I think this deserves its on video and blog post. Check back later for that.

jamie-catfish-ariCatfish tackled the trans topic in this weeks episode. Honestly, I DVR this show so that I can watch the intro and then skim through to the end. I can do with all the shenanigans of Nev & Max basically showing all the simple minded folks of the world the glories of Google.com and then them feigning suspense. It’s hard for a show like this to carry on much longer because well…it’s own success kills it’s ability to really undercover people with fake profiles unless their pinning for a free plane ticket or instant noodle fame. I guess. This week, Nev & Max came to my current place of residence, the 713 to meet with a Jamey, a recent transplant whose online beaux straight up told him that they could ONLY meet via Catfish. The set up was obvious and because I talk at my TV, I immediately blurted out oh she’s transgender. Sure enough Ari, the young lady who Jamey had become fond of, was trans woman who got caught up too quickly in a romance with Jamey — missing the time to tell him before emotions were involved. The meet up was peaceful, though Ari’s bubble of hope when Jamey told her that the relationship could not continue. What I saw while fast forwarding looked sad.

diane-black-ishI wish I knew when Black-ish was actually coming on. Is it just me or does it feel like it’s one week on, one week off? I’m just here for my part-time daughter Diane. She gives me snark, shade, wit and life in every episode.

Scandal, I just leave the TV on so I can support Shonda cause #SmartBrownGirl. Otherwise, I’m still looking for the part where the storyline makes sense.

american crime

I absolutely love American Crime. It’s cohesive, intellectual, intense and at times a bit heavy handed but I love it all. Effectively showing you the multiple layers of a crime working it’s way through the judicial system and how it impacts the lives of 5 families. Glory be to Felicity Huffman playing the shit out of this white mother who is suffering from a severe case of #caucasity and white privilege. The scene where she realizes she is racist?!! Artfully done. aliyah-american-crimeI can’t stand a single thing about Carter, but that’s what I find so interesting about his storyline. He’s on equal footing of can’t get shit right as Denzel in Flight. He has no fucks to give in the worst way possible. His sister Aliyah, played by Regina King, you would think has some sense as she is clearly intelligent but her emotional commitment to helping her brother who doesn’t want to be helped and is willing to screw over everyone in the process, doesn’t make sense to me. It doesn’t make sense to me because it’s not something I would do, so I’m waiting to see how this plays out. The Mexican-American family, whose son Tony, is blindly caught up in a crime he technically has nothing to do with, rings as the most American storyline of all. As an innocent and crime-free kid gets taken from the straight & almost narrow into a gang life when he is wrongfully thrown into juvenile jail. It’s sad but a very true story in the land of the free.

rhoaThe Real Housewives of Atlanta Reunion was just another drawn out showcase of a group of women who are each a caricature of themselves and epically bad at being a good friend to another woman. Nene is so stuck on her self with out the ability to see her own faults it ruins any good point she could make. Claudia is so irrelevant I just had to Google her name. Kandi is horrible at arguing her point, which is probably why she never takes a stand at her momma. Kandi ain’t wrong but she has no clue how to effectively state that she is right. Porsha is still and will forever be dumb, no matter how snatched her contour, wig or little bit of clothing that craftily shows her enhancements are. She does absolutely nothing for me. Cynthia, is beautiful on the outside and sold out for storyline and a peach for Peter on the inside. She knows better, but for that check she’ll stop short of doing better. And Phaedra, the holier than thou LIE. She just…*sigh* of all the women, it would be easiest to have some sympathy for Phaedra but she ruins any ounce of cares I could or would have for her by blindly siding with Nene and being indignant about any of her shortcomings. I don’t even have to bother with Kenya…girl bye.

khalessiLastly, Game of Thrones is back and I am hooked while still confused about character’s names and locations cause it is so layered. I watch just about every episode twice. First time around to get over the goriness and brashness of the bevy of tits + ass shown. The second time to catch all the underlying messages that I missed. Arya has made it to the house of the Faceless men who first appeared in Season 2 and I ain’t got a clue cause I haven’t the books but this shit looks wild. Sansa’s storyline has taken a sharp left from the books as she is set to marry the vile-ain’t-even-enough-of-word Ramsey Bolton, who likes to cut of dicks and scalp people. Littlefinger is the master manipulator and Sansa finally caught a whift of her sense and self at the end of last season, so I am expecting something good to come of this union that finally brings one of the Starks back to the North. And Tyrion is headed to meet the Khalessi, maybe he can teach her something about how to effectively rule cause right now it’s not looking good for the super white womans who’s trying to save the melinated people from slavery…oops.

What have you watched this week on TV? Any shows I should check out? Chime in on the conversation and let me know your thoughts are your favorite TV programs.