Cheers to the second #SmartBrownGirl Live Q&A! This go round we speak with the entrepreneur behind African Ancestry DNA testing, Gina Paige. I recently took the African Ancestry test to trace my maternal African lineage and was quite surprised with the results. As with any DNA genealogy testing there’s always a good bit of questions that arise and so this was the perfect time to sit down with Gina Paige and not only talk about her African Ancestry business, but also get tips on starting a business and pursuing an entrepreneurial career. It’s all about bringing positive inspiration for the #SmartBrownGirl.

 Gina Paige launched African Ancestry with about a $1200 investment, utilizing local resources such as the Small Business Association, her network, and various mentors.

About co-founding African Ancestry:

Saw it as an opportunity to use the skills that I had developed to provide a service/product that has never existed before to a group of people that I am passionate about.

On the resources she used to start and maintain her business:

We financed the business with our own money […] we did everything virtually. […] I have friends who do all different things, so I really relied on the resources of my network to help me get started.

On finding a mentor:

You have to be very clear about your expectations, about what you want from a mentor. And then talk to the person about what you from them as a mentor and how you can narrow that down, because we are all busy. […] If your asking a specific thing of a person, it’s much easier…if you ask people for their advice on a specific topic they might be more inclined….

It’s important to be accountable. If you do find a mentor, making sure that you follow up when you say your going to follow up. Follow up how you say your going to follow. Making sure that you make it as easy possible for them to guide you.

Catch the full interview below for more insight on the African Ancestry company and the words of wisdom + inspiration that Gina Paige offers for all #SmartBrownGirls.

You can catch my African Ancestry results here, link with Gina Paige here and purchase an African Ancestry kit here!