This is one of my favorite #PopSnarks, mostly because I look gorg! Yes, love this look so much I even did a Get Ready With Me (GRWM) tutorial to show you how I did my makeup and the hair is one of my favorite & most versatile units that I’ve had for well over a year. Okay, I know you’re not really here to talk about hair and makeup…so let’s get on to the glory of the snark and talk about pop culture + politics. #Popsnark is everything from the low to the high brow, as long as your eyebrows are on fleek.

Barry’s Back! is all homage that is due to the swag President Obama presented with his last State of the Union. The content was very no fucks given, I don’t care that the GOP ain’t shit and still controls the House and the Senate but y’all not finna ruin my legacy so here’s the broad scope of what I’m trying and will do in the last year of my presidency. I really enjoy Obama…

Obama, in his SOTU, gave a shout out to Ebola and the need to continue the fight and aide to the West African countries who were ravaged by the 2014 outbreak. Yes, Ebola entirely exposed the tragedy of the non-existent medical infrastructure in much of West Africa. Time Magazine’s 2014 Person of the Year was the Ebola fighters and it’s a great cover story to read.

The horrible, train wreck that was VH1’s Sorority Sisters reality show, led to all cast members who were members of Delta Sigma Theta being expelled. And the foul is on them for not knowing that the current prez is snatch happy and then on VH1’s legal team for not doing their due diligence in check for the legal implications this show would bring on.

The Light Girls documentary was an epic train wreck and I covered that in detail, so you can read & watch that review.

It’s been the year of epically mediocre releases by Rhianna & Kanye and they kicked that off with releasing the Paul McCartney assisted song 45seconds. It’s not bad, it’s not great. It’s just…okay.

Glozell interviewed President Barack Obama. And I was left conflicted. Her content is quite my cup of tea and when she is picked as the “look we have a successful Black Female YouTuber, here she is the herald of diversity, we have included a Black woman…” I do cringe. But do I have the right to cringe? Doesn’t Glozell deserve her success? Yes she does. And it’s also not her responsibility to carry the plight of all Black women on her back. So I don’t want to feed into the flack people throw her but her interview with the President did make me stop and think.

The writings were on the wall when Kanye asked Dame Dash to announce his BET Honor’s…I think Lifetime Achievement or something of that nature, award. Dame was missing a very prominent tooth and I wonder if that was the last time he saw his daughter Ava, considering Dame’s latest IG posts claiming his ex-wife Rachel Roy is keeping his children from him.

Catch the wit and sip along below…