Bish you guessed! Hwah! I turned 30 years old last month and I’m still feeling like my young spring, regularly fabulous self. One of these days I’m going to get started on my “30 While 30” list. But it never hurts to front like leaving my twenties has left me with some sage wisdom to pass on to the young folk, so here it is. Be a friend and click an ad while you’re here. Kthanxleggo…

1. Middle school sh*t is a misnomer. There will forever be people who ain’t worth their salt through out your life time. Catch me post on the evolution of friendships, where I better explain this.

2. Every relationship in life is complex. No matter how much men in brightly colored suits want to tell you that the golden relationship of complexities is marriage for the Black woman. It’s not. Work, Friends, Social, Intimate relationships are all complex and important in their own right.

3. Being emotional isn’t a bad thing. It’s healthy to acknowledge and deal with the full breadth of your emotional self. Don’t let other’s guilt you.

4. Say no to Sallie Mae. She ain’t shit and ain’t ever going to be shit. Do yourself the favor and stay away.

5. Commitment is essential not just in relationships. Committing to your career. Committing to a pursuit, is one of the essential factors towards achieving success.

6. Slow and steady really does win the race. This is why commitment is essential. Commit, then be strategic and patient.

7. Worrying about others opinions is the biggest waste of time. That doesn’t mean you can’t receive criticisms, but don’t pursue things in life simply because you are worried about what others will have to say about you.

8. Being fueled by negativity is a big ass lie. People just use it as a reason to be petty. True life, this is a great way to set up yourself to compare yourself to others and be embarrassed when you make a mistake and hit a fail, things that happen to all of us in life.

9. People who are always positive, like nothing is ever a problem. Also tend to be uncompromising. I explain this a bit in the video.

10. Friends don’t have to be all encompassing to be a good friend. Different people, serve different purposes.

11. Discipline (self) is hard as f*ck. I just bought bacon, knowing full well I need to eat healthy(er).

diane-invested12. The general population is full of sh*t and that is the norm.

13. Honesty is not the norm, in the name of charm & persuasion. I’m the weird one.

14. Being self aware is the best road to confidence.

15. Having an opinion that you can explain is polarizing, and the ultimate sin if you are a Black woman. Girl, the lessons of having a YouTube channel.

16. There is no point in trying to persuade the naysayers. They will always find something wrong.

17. You define you and no one else. You also define what is important in your life. Take control.

18. Google plus copy + paste are your best friends for everything in life.

19. We all live in very small worlds with their own social norms and constructs.

20 Never forget your childhood dreams. Write them down, think about why you didn’t pursue them and find your inspiration. I got this from a great lesson in a Terri Williams book and it helped lead me to start the #SmartBrownGirl movement.

Check my video below, for more of my snark & wit with the commentary and let me know in the comments, what have you learned in life thus far?