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Girl friend! I have been sleeping on the blog posts that accompany my #PopSnark video series. Forgive me, but soak in the blessing as I play catch up this week and get out all the posts that I owe to my #SmartBrownGirls. Hopefully you have a shirt for every day 🙂

Ray Rice won his appeal with the NFL post his domestic abuse case with his, now wife, Janay Rice. That means he is eligible to signed to any NFL team, albeit as of today he has not been picked up. Janay Rice, along with her mother, interviewed with Matt Lauer on the Today Show and there was a polarizing reaction to her willingness to forgive Ray, with her parents backing her on that decision. While I understand the drive to raise domestic violence awareness and wanting to protect victims from further harm, we also have to give adults space to make their own decisions and live the life they choose to. None of us have a front seat preview to the inner workings of the Rice’s relationship. It’s entirely unfair to drag Janay Rice out as an unwilling role model of domestic violence, that is furthering along her victimization. So if she so firmly believes that she is safe, her love is strong and her family supports her on this, we should respect her wishes and give them the privacy they do deserve. This highlights the complexities of combating domestic violence, in how do we support victims while respecting their right to make their own decisions, even if that means returning to their aggressor.

nymag-mlk-trayvon-garner-coverThe disappointment of the Eric Garner case or the lack there of is still lingering two months later. It will be interesting to see if anything comes of the Tamir Rice case, but what we’ve learned with Garner and a clear as day video showing a man being choked to death by the police, is that there is no hope for the rights of Black people in America. We’re left with more questions and hollow hope, with District Attorney’s offices that are more concerned with appeasing their conservative constituents than the rights of the people they were elected to protect. Voting on the local and state level matters, so please #SmartBrownGirl, exercise your right to vote on all levels.  The #BlackLivesMatter protesting has been very inspiring and fruitful, I hope we continue on not just by marching in the streets, but marching into the classrooms and voting polls.

My face is beat to the gawds in the video, if the political talk is what you care for…just watch on mute. If you’re in Houston, you can book an appointment with the fabulous Rae Michele.

Catch the #PopSnark 7 video below. I also give a quick review on the Real Housewives of Atlanta. Enjoy!


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