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Working out is probably the top New Year’s resolution that everyone picks and very few actually stick with. I’ve been on a part-time, kind of sort, but #IStillLikeSnacks mission to drop some weight for the past couple of months. Something that makes the biggest difference for me and adds a great scoop of motivation is cute workout clothes. Working out with a positive attitude is key and being able to throw on a cute ‘fit as you drag yourself out of the bed (or is that just me) might be the extra push you need to commit to exercising. So working with Sears for their #SearsStyleFind campaign came just in time as one of my 30 before 30 list items was to lose 15lbs!

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I workout at home and I prefer to workout in a sports bra and leggings, items that are breathable and allow me the freedom to move. I picked up 4 sports bra from the Everlast line as I am in dire need of properly fitting sports bras and Sears was having a fabulous 50% off sale. I love the cross hatch style sports bra because it’s cute with great support. The patterned Space Dye Everlast bra ($28) paired with the Everlast Printed Leggings ($34) makes me feel like I can become an Instagram famous fitness guru. If I can ever convince myself to actually go for a run outside, the Everlast Twin Knit Spa Jacket ($40) is a great breathable coverup that has feminine details to keep it cute. For right now, I’m going to wear it to the grocery store so I can at least look like I’ve been working out something, lol. The High Impact sports bra ($14.99) has the traditional clasps in the back and I picked up another plain grey sports bra ($14.99) because one can never have too many. All the sports bras feature removable cups.

AuthorLogoMy favorite item is the charcoal bootleg yoga pants ($36) because they make the backside look grand and I can lounge in these all day long. I know that’s not the point or the purpose but still…I’m comfortable. When I got to the register there was an extra 15% taken off my bill, I was pleasantly surprised so I picked up the Shirred V-Neck Tee ($30), in case I ever decide to embarrass myself by working out in public at a gym or something. At the very least I can keep it cute while sweating (and complaining) and sweating some more. Here’s to a happy healthy journey in 2015.


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