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It’s more than a gift. It’s the joy of the season. #MoreThanAGift.

I love giving gifts! I’m sentimental on the low and I love the opportunity to give something quirky that comes directly from the heart to someone. And that’s the best route to go when you want to give a gift to someone who you think is hard-to-shop for. Even when you’re on a tight budget, if you add the right personal touch to a gift and it’s given from a genuine place of love then the receiver will definitely appreciate it! So when Sears asked us to pick gifts for someone we think is hard-to-shop for I was excited to participate. So excited that I got a flat tire trying to get to Sears…lol. I can laugh now, but I spent a good 45 minutes mad at the pothole on Almeda Road and another four hours waiting to get it fixed. But my love for gift giving shall not be overpowered by flat tires and cold mechanics!

AuthorLogoI feel like every time I do a post I mention that I recently relocated to Houston and someone’s always like “really? when? why? how?” Anywho, I recently moved to Houston and this is significant because I moved here without knowing anyone. Like no one. And I work from home, so meeting folks is a bit of a challenge. Fortunately I have a great audience of #SmartBrownGirls on YouTube and I pay attention to who leaves comments and engages with me. So a month before I moved out here I hit up one of my #SmartBrownGirls, who is also my Soror (baked in background check lol) and she has helped me out tremendously in my transition from the East Coast to living in the Bayou City. I’ve crashed at her house, she’s put up with me foolishly moving here without a car, introduced to me folks and has been the best and biggest constant since I got here. So we’ve only known each other for four months and she is a big shopper. Like when she wants something she gets it. So what are me and meager means suppose to gift someone who has it all and I’m still getting to know?

I decided to go full out quirky with this and give her a bag of jewels to show what she means. Cute fashion jewelry that fits her style and she can wear with anything, a bag that she can use for going out or work, a handwritten letter to show my love and a gift receipt so she doesn’t have to let anything collect dust if I’ve missed the mark. I really enjoy the Studio S line at Sears, from fashion jewelry, bags/accessories and clothing, it’s a trendy line that offers chic pieces, so I picked all pieces from that line because that’s what fit my friend’s style. Bonus everything was 40-50% off! *Win*

I picked up the:

IMG_9207 IMG_9208 IMG_9209IMG_9210 IMG_9211Check out how I packaged it and let me know your thoughts!

What’s the quirkiest gift you ever gave?