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solange-2nd-line-weddingSolange slayed and broke the internet at the same time. I’m still trying to recoup from the epicness of her wedding pictures. I just appreciate how every ounce of her emanated through the photos/videos that have come out of her NOLA celebration of love to her 51 year old husband, Alan Ferguson. Alan is showing that clearly Black don’t crack. Solange owned it and hopefully y’all can finally grace the woman with our headline without having to reference her sister. She did break out in hives after dancing her ass and soul off during her second line (a New Orleans tradition) and I guess Beyonce giving her Benadryl to recoup and carry on with the celebration is news worthy. I just want to gag over all her outfit changes. Loves it! But take a look through the wedding photos and let me know if you can spot the #SmartBrownGirl panelist who was in attendance. I am jealous. Ladies please don’t be quick to try and copy inch for inch Solo’s wedding, just embrace how she embrace her individuality and be encouraged to embrace your own.

And the cherry on top was Solange’s dance with her son Julez to “No Flex Zone”

That Aaliyah biopic was tragedy and the solidifying proof that Lifetime TV is simply out to troll Black women in 2014. Get them coins whichever you can. But between Girlfriend Intervention and then this biopic where all the black characters were casted as the light skin baby hair brigade and Aaliyah was an angsty teen….just no girl.taye-diggs

Where the fuck is Darren Wilson? We still don’t know, which considering the times and TMZ’s existence makes not an ounce of sense. But the indictment decision is soon to be announced and I’m expecting to be mad as hell. The foreshadowing is shaping this all up to be a Trayvon Martin 2.0 case and I don’t know that my nerves will be able to handle this. I’ve just resolved that whatever the outcome this does not end #Ferguson and all the human rights violations that this case has brought to light. Michael Brown’s parents, a long with several other activists, spoke with the UN about the human rights issues and militarization¬†of the police in St. Louis. No matter how small our part or voice, we should all keep doing whatever we can to support this cause and work towards a change whether it be now or in the next 10 years.

The midterm elections showed that none of your cousins voted albeit the GOP gained two Black people, on in the House – Mia Love, and one in the Senate – Tim Scott. Congrats…I guess. But nah. Obama is screwed in the last two years and this point. But hopefully he bucks up and is able to push through someone of his pivotal plans, like immigration and fixing Obamacare so I’m not paying $200/month for catastrophic care *ultimate sad face*.

delivert-andrewDo you believe in the ability to pray the gay away? Andrew Caldwell attended the 107th Holy Convocation of the COGIC church and the video of him being delivered from being purse carrying, makeup wearing, lover of mens-es [sic], he’s all about the women, women, *audible mumbling* womens! #Delivert The video was hilarious and ultimately sad at the same damn time.

Bill Cosby officially ain’t shit. You can watch the actual #PopSnark 5 video below to catch what I have to say on where we were last with the Cosby and then read Kalefa Sanneh’s sweeping piece on the rise and fallacies of Cosby for the New Yorker. I’ll speak on this further this week, and maybe even flesh out my full opinion in prose later on.

The Washington Post, front page interactive piece on the etymology of nigger/nigga was interesting. I clicked, procrastinated and then moved on. Then came along Piers Morgan and his response piece in the DailyMail about how Black people need to eradicate the word. I then wrote for Clutch Magazine about why White people need to stop discussing the n-word and just accept that they can’t say it. The full thought is way more intelligent then that but yeah tl;dr for you.

Y’all hating on the word ‘fleek’ and people who are capable of using the word in a full sentence, need to play a scramble, learn some new words and carry on. I’ma stay #OnFleek. That was directly connected to my opinion on Piers Morgan/white people trying to police how others self-identify. Language is a complex evolution of sub-cultural colloquialisms. So carry on and chose your own vernacular, but stop policing others unless the words are actually directed at you in an offensive manner.

tina-fey-kim-kI read one think piece about the correlation between Saartjie¬†Baartman and Kim Kardashian. The Jezebel.com author went through great lengths with white privilege blinders on to use the tragedy of Saartjie to vindicate Kim’s trolling, as if Saartjie, a Black woman in 17th century Europe was reveling in the same freedoms to do what she wanted with her body as Kim K. does. Shall I explain that blatant contradictions? Beyond that I’m over talking about Kim because no matter what side of the discussion you are on, discussing Kim K., makes her money. She’s going to push the boundaries even when their are none to push simply to stay on the tip of your tongue. So I am done.