#PopSnark Eps. 2 – The Ebolas

Welcome back to #PopSnark where we the #SmartBrownGirls discuss everything from the low brow to the high brow interests of our whims, as long our eyebrows are on fleek. And no, no one has a definition for “fleek” we just enjoy saying it. This week my eyebrows are most definitely on fleek because I’ve been filling them in a bit different and I had my face professionally beat by Rae Michele last week who had me rushing to the MAC store to pick up Heroine. Hence that’s what is giving me all sorts of diviness in this video while I sip on a BudLight Apple-Ahhh-Rita. Throw an apple slice on or in it and keep it classy while you sip along.

Scandal, How To Get Away w/ Murder #TGIT
MARSAI MARTINI’m lost. I’m so lost. I’ve been falling off with Scandal since last season and really it’s joining in on the weekly Thursday Twitter party that keeps me watching Scandal. #HTGAWM, I really want to like but all these flashbacks and court scenes where the law is just totally obscured for the sake of the story line, girl… I just can not follow. Help me y’all. I’m keep watching cause Black womens on my TV screen is beautimous but I can’t recap nothing cause mentally I can’t follow.

Black-ish is the shit tho. I get a good kee every Wednesday and I will forever love the youngest daughter, Diane. She is my spirit animal.

The Voice
I’ve been turned into a suburban house wife twice a week. I’ve never watched a season of The Voice before but yes! I am #TeamTaylor. White boys with guitars are the way to go. I love both of Taylor Phelan’s performance thus far. Albeit I don’t think he has any chance of winning but I also love Menlik who’s battle round performance of Hall & Oates Maneater just gave me all of my suburban housewife joy. I love Hall & Oates and I loved that performance!

Last in my TV round up, Boardwalk Empire ended last night and it was excellently done. Did any of you watch?

#SmartBrownGirl ‘Tings
Things I need to finish reading and I might just do a video on but I’m stalling cause talking about race on the innanets is a slippery slope. But two articles on Gawker, one by Jason Parham on the concept of the “New Black” and Rich Juziwak breaking down issue of Annie Lennox doing a cover of “Strange Fruit.”

I wrote an article for Clutch Magazine about how folks need to simmer down with their angst against Lisa Price making a shrewd business move by selling Carol’s Daughter to L’Oreal. You should read and comment over there.

Dear White People came out nationwide last week! It’s not banned anywhere though it might have a limited showing in more rural areas. Go see it no matter where you have to travel to! It takes our support to keep things like this happening. I saw it and will discuss in next week’s #PopSnark video. Also check out my interview with DWP producer and #SmartBrownGirl Lena Waithe.

The Ebolas
It’s here in America. You and your family are highly unlikely to get it. It’s a caretakers disease and the reason its spreading in Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea is because of the lack of medical structure so people are left to take care of someone with a highly infectious disease at home. That’s how it spreads.

What you should be more concerned with is CDC’s errs in handling the first case of Ebola in America, Thomas Eric Duncan, and how much of this could have been avoided had Obama’s year old nomination for Surgeon General, Dr. Vivek Murthy, already been seated and confirmed. Dr. Murthy  is not confirmed because the Senate/House is doing everything to counter the legacy of Obama over silly trifles like Dr. Murthy thinking that gun control is a public healthy policy. It is wildly unfair to vote a president into power and then not show up for mid-term and gubernatorial (governor) elections. Mid-term elections are coming up for most states within the next week, so get out and vote and remind your friends, family and peers that their vote is crucial. If you want to see change in your community mid-term elections are vital.

And to close out, I don’t get Richie Homie Quan or Young Thug and that’s ALL that gets played on the radio out here. Tell me what I’m doing wrong in life, when unintelligble words can make one famous. I just want to pay Sallie Mae and it not hurt my feelings.

Watch the #PopSnark video and join in on the conversation! What happenings this past week did I miss? Read anything good? Comment below…


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