I promise you I am not being paid by Chevrolet. But they are doing quite an awesome job at advocating for diversity without it being cliche. Most recently with their Spike Lee directed clip featuring Mo’ne Davis and her family. Mo’ne is a 13 year old Philadelphia star basketball and baseball player. She’s already landed the cover of Sports Illustrated highlighting her stunning record at the 2014 Little League World Series. Mo’ne is the first girl to ever earn a win and pitch a shutout (a single pitcher pitches a complete game and does not allow the opposing team to score a run) in Little League history. Thus making her the first Little League player to garner a Sports Illustrated cover.

 Her cool demeanor and stellar athletic ability has Harper’s Bazaar lauding her as one of 2014’s Women Who Dare.

But normality is not what Davis is interested in. Note that her eyes look like a tiger’s and she replies, “I’m tiger-hearted.” Since when? “I dunno.” She shrugs. “Since day one.”

With a 70mph pitch Mo’ne redefines what it means to throw like a girl and that is the backdrop for the newest of Chevrolet ads to drop this week. With a mini-doc and shorter clip both directed by Spike Lee, we get a peak into Mo’ne’s personal world with her family, coach and community discussing her motivations and impact. To think that her legacy already has such a far reach at 13 is definitely inspiring.

Chevrolet and Spike Lee do a great job showcasing the beauty of #SmartBrownGirls and I appreciate their commitment to diversity.

P.S. can we talk about how cute her brothers are, that is one good looking family. And her mama’s hair sure is laid. Everyone looks great! whitney-yes