But I Like Snacks & Being Soft Around the Middle

I’ve packed on a few pounds since I endured spending 16 months living in the District of Columbia. I’m still trying to decide how much I care about the weight I’ve put on. Do I care because my mother has called after I post a full body shot of myself on Instagram, to inform that “oh dear you have gotten chubby”? For 15 seconds after the call, sure. Do I care because I’ve finally started putting weight back on face and my cheeks now swallow all my other features? Not really. Do I care because all these Chinese companies are offering my gift cards and I can’t fit nan nothing on the site? Really tho…it’s because I’ve actually ordered things that were super cute and the zipper said nope after I zipped it up all the way to my waist line. It’s the clothing that does fit me cutting me in all the wrong places, indenting my smooth rolls into something awful and making me look like SpongeBob Squarepants second cousin. This ain’t fun or fair. Albeit I’m still rather ambivalent about my body weight because I enjoy every bit of how I look naked. Fat looks great on me but this Vitamin B deficiency doesn’t. So since I don’t really want to lose that much weight but what I do need and want to do is get be healthy overall, I shall commit to eating better. Moderately better. As in I can still enjoy a good chicken wing on any given day and a cocktail on the weekends, but I will overhaul my eating habits to do better. 


Since in principle I do not keep too many processed foods in the housem all an overhaul means for me is that I actually cook the food that I buy at the grocery store. What I’m guilty of is going grocery shopping and then going out to eat right after. I’ll find all the reasons to not cook because no matter how great the dish is that I make, there is no magical fairy who pops up to do the dishes for me. My brain doesn’t have enough space to remember to wash dishes as I cook, and even using the dishwasher is too much work, water and utility bills. However with the help and support of the inntawebs, I shall push aside my cooking apathy and poor time management to do better and kick off this #ButILikeSnacks health challenge!

The inntawebs have already parted the sky and blessed me with the opportunity to work with to get my food stock in order so I had no reason not to cook. All this from talking about the hair vitamin swindle, whodathunk? In the video below I detail below some of the things I bought and why. Here’s a brief list with links to make it easy to browse. And feel to click any link to Vitacost on this here blog, it’ll start you off with a $10 off coupon.

And if you look to grow in some baby hairs, fill in your edges and grow them hair strands long, VitaCost has all of the hair vitamins for the low, low. I get Vitamin D, Biotin, MSM, and Natural Silica from VC, which is the same thing that’s in any give hair supplement while being 1/3 of the cost. I’ve talked about why I prefer this over the hair vitamin supplements swindle, as I’m all about saving my coins.

Would anyone care to see me do recipes/cooking videos? Yay, nay or indifferent?

What are some snacks that you are looking to find alternatives to? Let me know in the comments.


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