Buying a Car as a Single Woman, sets out to empower women with knowledge of their consumer power in the arena of purchasing a car. Car marketing very rarely is marketed towards women, let a lone the invisible group of women of color, even though women make up over 52% of the new car buyers in the USA. So here’s to walking into the dealership prepared and ready to get negotiate the best deal!

I’ve been sleeping on the Mazda brand heavy. I don’t know prior to starting the take a hold of my consumer power as a female car consumer that Mazda really ever crossed my mind. And then the Mazda6 Grand Touring came into my life and a sweet, sweet love affair begin. Even more interesting is how many of my #SmartBrownGirls were into the Mazda brand themselves. Where have I been? Then I took count of the cars my friends own and realized quite a few own Mazdas, I’ve clearly been sleeping. But I’m so happy to be awake now because last week I had the joy of previewing the 2015 Mazda CX-5 Grand Touring. It’s the compact SUV version of the 6 that I reviewed previously, albeit it’s slightly less of an stunna just more sensible but still fly.

It’s not quite a mom car, though you could definitely get away with using it as a family car without looking dowdy. It seats 5 and has plenty of room in the trunk. I’m still trying to decide how much the color affects the feel of the car. Because this CX-5 I had was in Deep Crystal Blue and if you really got a good look at the car, it’s gorgeous. But I keep thinking back to the Soul Red 6 I had, and hmmmm… Really though the CX-5 keeps in line with the sleek feel of Mazda, smooth lines and balanced curves. The interior of the car came in a beautiful sandy beige leather. I don’t know if it’s fair to call the car as whole sensible, or really I just had a sensible color. I get it why people are so bent on the colors of their car! Prior I thought it was silly to invest extra monies in a particular color but I think I might just be one of those people. And how trapped am I that I would go with red?

The ride is smooth and with it being a compact SUV you sit higher than your average sedan. I still want Mazda to work out the kinks of the GPS/Navigation system because it’s constantly rerouting itself and Houston is too big of a city to get lost in. Half way my own fault since I’m just as frustrated with my Sprint cell phone, that can’t even get on the network to re-route itself. Some of the best features of the CX-5  Grand Touring are the safety features with the Blind Spot Monitoring that help alleviate your blind spot + passenger airbags. The Bose sound system and Pandora compatibility are a sweet touch. And for those of us who have had cars whose batteries die because you forget to turn off your headlights, the Auto light feature is most definitely appreciated. Lastly, I love a sunroof…and here I was thinking I would be getting the most basic of basic cars. I’ve been lying to myself.

The biggest difference for me between the Mazda6 Grand Touring and the CX-5 Grand Touring are really just stylistic preferences. The CX-5 is slightly cheaper option but for many it will come down to wanting a Compact SUV or a sedan style car. I think for an entrepreneur, someone who does event planning, is always carting stuff around, looking to start a family and/or travels alot, the CX-5 is a more practical choice.  Technically both cars offer similar cargo space, but the CX-5’s layout allows for a bit more flexibility with cargo and seating arrangements. All in all it’s a quality drive that’s great on gas (around $25 to fill up in the tank in Texas) and a smooth look.

The Mazda CX-5 comes in a Sport ($21,245MRSP), Touring ($24,965MRSP) and Grand Touring ($27,970MRSP) model.