There are very few people of color who are seen as credible Astrologers or have made a genuine career out of astrology. In America, amongst Black people, astrology is little more than a surface entity where we hashtag with pride the better qualities of our sun sign. #TeamAries or team whatever, at the most we may follow a social media account that is dedicated to sending out general quips of what the characteristics of each sign are or check the monthly horoscopes in our favorite girly magazine. But the deeper aspects of it, with birth charts, rising signs and houses of various planets is largely left as a sprinkling of a sub-culture, where curiosity is the top several layers within the Black community. Enter Sam F. Reynolds, a Brooklyn based Astrology who was formerly penning the only astrology column for a premier African-American printed monthly publication, Ebony Magazine. I occasionally write for Ebony online, which is how I came about discovering Reynolds, a graduate of Syracuse University, an Alpha and former Baptist minister who now practices Islam. He was a great find on Twitter as he hosts tweet chats dedicated to one sign, covering all aspects of the sign from sun to moon literally. He then Storifys all his conversations so they are easy to access on a later date if you want to catch up on a topic he’s already discussed like Exalted Planets, which was an ah-ha for me as both my Sun and Moon sign are exalted. What does that even mean, you can check that storify here.

An old fling, well maybe he was more than a fling as he was the inspiration for several chapters in my book. Any who…past this shameless plug, said dude introduced me to Susan Miller a prominent astrologer who pens mini-thesis’ for all 12 zodiac signs every month and I became an instant follower, even meeting Susan several times. I ordered a birth chart through her, skipped to the parts about career & relationships then said womp, womp only the bad things she predicts happen to me, I don’t get what value this adds and moved on with my life. Then came along this YouTube channel where I every so often show people my crazy and talk about things nobody else is willing to talk about out loud. So questions have abounded about my personality and I abuse the zodiac but constantly mentioning my disdain for Aquarians and Pisces. So it made perfect sense to interview Reynolds about the true value of astrology, how to utilize it, and get a quick chart reading for myself. I am an Aries (Sun), Taurus (Moon), and Gemini (Rising), at the end of the video below we get into my particulars, so if you have a similar chart you are in luck.

With regards to people taking issue with astrology due to religious beliefs, Reynolds notes that all three monotheistic religions have fundamental elements related to astrology. Whether it be Muslims following the lunar calendar or within Christianity the discovery of Jesus, was by the three Magi who were following the stars to find the Messiah.

Reynolds greatly emphasized the importance of getting a Birth Chart (which includes your Sun sign) versus simply relying on your Sun sign to read horoscopes. It’s what makes what he does different from what you read in Cosmo or the newspaper, in that Reynolds breaks down your full birth chart to give consultation. While Reynolds can foretell trends and predict likely events he does not claim to be able to foretell the future and does not recommend that one use astrology to control their life – it should not interrupt your relationship or faith in God or life in general.

Some other questions answered the video, cusps signs aren’t a real thing. If you’re born on a cusp, which generally falls on the 19-23rd of the month as the Sun transitions between signs, you will have to find out the time and location of birth in order to find out what your actual sign is – in essence get your birth chart coordinates. You are one sign or the other, so that is how it would read in your birth chart. Jupiter just went into Libra, so Leo’s who might have been having a hard time over the past year might catch a break in the near future. The Age of Aquarian, for those who are deep into astrology, Reynolds agrees that we are entering into that Age of Aquarian transitioning from the Age of Pisces. We can expect to deal with more of a sense of humanity, in building a community with the downfall being the lost of individuality and Reynolds points to the impact of social media influencing thought (Twitter, Facebook…).

To hear Reynolds speak more in depth about astrology, plus a quick reading on my chart, check the video below.

Reynolds is available for in person and online consultations via his website. He’s great to follow on Twitter and check out his archived Storifys for extra knowledge and insight. You can also pull up a free Birth Chart on Astrolabe.

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