The first ever #SmartBrownGirl Q&A and it was Live! Big ting a gwan! Super happy to be able to introduce Lena Waithe to my audience as she is on the rise in a very big way. I don’t even know if that encapsulates the buzz around her and the success she has already achieved as a young woman of color behind the scenes in Hollywood. Currently a staff writer for Fox’s crime-comedy Bones, Waithe is also the writer behind the hilariously popular Sh*t Black Girls Say video(s) performed by Billy Sorrellis. The success of that skit lead her to release the pilot presentation of her original series, Twenties, a semi-autobiographical tale of three young women of color coming into their own, has been picked up by BET to shoot an official television pilot.

A graduate of Columbia College in Chicago, Lena knew from the onset that she wanted to be a television writer and zealously worked towards that goal from being a runner/assistant to now a (creative) producer of the highly anticipated feature film, Dear White People. Lena’s humility and genuine passion for her craft has allowed her to relentless pursue her dreams while turning them into her reality. Lena recalled the story that Keenen Ivory Wayans shared on the Black List series as a reminder for her to keep pushing. Keenen’s father had suggested he get a college degree in order to have a back up plan and cushion in case he fails at his comedic pursuits, Keenen’s retort was that if has something to fall back on that’s cushy & comfortable he’ll let himself fall, but if he looks back and it’s concrete and nails he’ll keeping pushing himself. In that is a reminder for Lena to keep herself standing.

How can you support and help further along the positive & diverse imagery of Blacks in TV. Share, share, share. Share Lena’s pilot presentation for Twenties, share & definitely go see Dear White People on October 17th, and share this interview….we hope to inspire men and women to keep standing, keep pushing and stay humble while confident in whatever it is you wish to accomplish.

If you didn’t get a chance to catch the Live Q&A you can watch the full re-cap below and enjoy all the wisdom Lena has to offer as a #SmartBrownGirl.

You can find Lena on Twitter, YouTube, Tumblr and Instagram.