Have you been wondering how bloggers/vloggers get ahold of all these cute clothes for lookbooks and OOTDs? Ever click the various bit.ly links and be directed to a super cheap website with petite Asian girls modeling the clothes? Were you wary about throwing them you’re coin for that maxi you wanted and they were retailing for all of $8.99? Is it a scam or nah? Yeah me too…until I myself started getting emails with botched English translations asking me to showcase their wears in exchange for free clothes. Well hey now, in the time honored tradition of Jouelzy loving free *ish I took them up on their offer. And after receiving clothes from just about all the vendors that are featured on YouTube I think I’m apt to give you the low low and best recommendation on how to be a savvy shopper when going for the discounted Chinese ‘fits.

1. The biggest thing shopping on these sites has taught me, is my ass is fat.
Ok, I’m not all the way fat. I’m on what I would like to call the country thick side, I’m soft around the middle and I’m teetering on the line where my breasts still stick out further than my gut and my booty is bigger than all of that. But still, when thinking that if you order a XXL Blazer it should fit and instead it hits you with super smedium snugness that means you can’t raise your arms…..yeah girl. Which leads us to…

2. READ the sizing charts and MEASURE yourself
Don’t get got my dear. Those sizing charts ain’t never lie. Measure yourself properly in CMs (centimeters if you’re a bit too American, lol) and don’t stretch it or press it thinking that it still might fit when it tells you that the bust is 89cm and you’re pulling it right at 92cm. Most of these clothes come with no stretch at all, so either you fit it or you don’t. Read, measure and follow along.

3. You pay for quality.
The cheaper the price, the cheaper the quality. On super cheap sites like Dresslink that means a lot of polyester, shiny and flimsy materials. I personally would stick to purses on that site. I’ve gotten two purses from them and they’ve held up marvelously — now the clothing, ehhh. In comparison a site like Choies are Romwe, not only come with great quality but quick shipment! I absolutely LOVE everything I’ve received for review and things that I have ordered with my own coin from both Choies and Romwe. Plus they didn’t take 2 months to come.

4. The Chinese people are ALWAYS on holiday.
It’s odd to me that in America, if I may cast a broad stereotype, Chinese people NEVER take off. The Chinese restaurant in your hood ain’t ever closed. Through all holidays, festivals, and extreme weather, the Chinese restaurant and laundry never ever close. Now for their relatives back on the mainland, they have all the holidays the Western world celebrates and like three weeks for Chinese New Year which happens sometime around February/March. That means delayed shipment. There’s other regional holidays sprinkled in there and each one leads to almost two weeks of vacay. So hit up Google and check for a holiday before you place an order. However with the higher priced sites like Romwe and Choies, I have not found this to be an issue.

As forementioned thus far my favs have been Romwe and Choies for clothing. I’ve actually spent my own monies for clothes from Romwe and was not at all disappointed. As you’ll see in the video below, all the clothes that I received, actually fit and I wear out the house are from Romwe.

Check my video below to see the various clothing I’ve gotten from all companies mentioned. What clothing lines have you ordered from and what was your experience? Share in the comments below!