Finally a #SundaySounds video posted on a Sunday! This one is going to be an ode to British Deep House/R&B with a few artists who make me feel like “what have I been doing with my life?”

First up is Monsieur Adi, who was featured in my first #SundaySounds and in my #GrownWomanJeans video. He recently released a rework of Beyonce’s Pretty Hurts, pairing King Bey’s vocals with lush orchestration. Pretty Hurts is my least fav song from Beyonce’s most recent album, even though it pains me to say that because lyrically speaking I like the song because I love Sia lyrics…but the actual production song isn’t as captivating as the rest of the album for me. With Monsieur Adi’s remix…I absolutely and totally love it, all of it!  I’ve included his re-work of XO, cause like why not…it’s grande.

Mnek is a 19 year old Nigerian-British singer-songwriter. He’s been penning hits since he was 14 and recently dropped his first single, “Wrote a Song About You“, for his upcoming debut album. He’s currently signed to Virgin/EMI and I will definitely be at a show when he makes over here stateside. It’s a smooth pairing of r&b vocals over a dance/house beat.

In the ode of always throwing in a throwback jam here’s a remix of Destiny Child’s Bootylicious, where you can practice that dance routine you did back in middle school to the track. Don’t play like everyone did make up some sort of dance routine to the marvelous showcasing of Beyonce’s real writing talents that is Bootylicious.

Blonde is a duo of Bristol Devilishly Handsome (insert the British word for young men…lol). Foolish is a collab with Ryan Ashley another British barely young adult at 18 year olds singer/songwriter. We’re just keeping on keeping on with the good feelings here.

I feel like I’ve seen an Elli Ingram video previously in a random fit of clicking around on YouTube, but why didn’t I ever take the time to appreciate her sound. Lawdamercy, I half or 99% of me wanted to just put her whole EP as the playlist of #SundaySounds but I resisted and just choice my two favs. C’Dawha, which I keep trying to pronounce in my horrible cockney accent to see if I can figure out what means and fail every time, a bombastically produced track that chills out with Elli’s vocals. Second up is her cover of Kendrick Lamar’s Poetic Justice, one of my favorite songs of his Good KID, MAAD City album and now a fav off of Elli’s The Doghouse EP

Closing out with two Ben Pearce deep house tracks. What I Might Do, cause I looked the ‘fro on the single cover and  the sample of Anthony Hamilton’s Cornbread, Fish & Collard Greens” hooked me in. Ending this week’s #SundaySounds with Pearce’s collab with Black Orange Juice, “Predictable.”

I hope you enjoy! Let me know what you think of the tracks in the comments below!