#SundaySounds – An Ode to Send It On

I had an amazing headache yesterday, I’m a bit more than stressed as I plan for this book launch. Girl, can I tell you how daunting the task is, to like release something you’ve been sitting on for over five years for the world to judge…okay let’s rephrase that in a glass half full way. For the world to consume and hopefully love and hopefully be a success. Basically walking down an unfamiliar path and you’re not sure of the destination, that is publishing this book. And I’m just as scared as I am excited and hopeful. So the headache is in part to all them nerves #turntup in my body as I deal with all these feelz all at once.

Now to this #SundaySounds edition of my musical faves. This week is an ode to my upcoming book, featuring songs or variations of songs that inspired me to write. And ++BONUS. a chapter from Send It On is featured on the playlist. “Goodnight,” is one of the closing chapters of the book, as the main character of book, Solana, sets to send it on.

Mara Hruby’s cover of D’angelo’s song that inspired the title of my book, is one of my favs. Makes perfect sense.

Melo-X is an old friend who hit his stride when he remixed Maxwell’s BlackSummers’night album, catching the attention of Maxwell himself. Bad Habits, Fistful of Tears and Pretty Wings inspiration is sprinkled throughout the title chapter of my book, so here’s Melo’s remixes to Bad Habits and Pretty Wings.

Roman GianArthur is actually the brother of Jovian Zayne who I interviewed for my #BTVF series. He’s always doing shows and has opened/performed with Janelle Monae often. Here’s his mashed up rendition of Send It On.

If I had a spirit animal or animals, Erykah Badu would definitely be in that crew. Green Eyes, pops in the book, but Soundcloud was showing no love on that front, so here’s my actual favorites from her Mama’s Gun album, “Cleva” and her collab with Stephen Marley, “In Love with You“.

Amel Larriuex’s Sweet Misery is just erry’thang…you gonna have to read the book to get it but yeah girl.

I’m not sure why this remix of Jeremih’s Birthday Sex is on here but it was sitting on the list since I started compiling last week and even though what I’ve never gotten is some of that, I ain’t have the heart to take it off. You know you liked this simply ratchet track.

Happy listening! And for more info on the release date and pre-sale link for Send It On, sign up here!

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