After working in the music industry for eight years and still being very passionate about music, I miss it, even though I don’t miss the bs of the industry. So we’re going to loop more into my channel. I constantly am asked about the music I feature in my videos, which until recently, was almost always Kiah Victoria or The Stuyvesants. I’m sure there’s a few people who just watch for the music and as soon as I start talking in the video, click that ‘x’ with the quickness…or maybe not. But here’s to #SundaySounds where I share some of the music that helps me get through the week. Is it just me or are you also more productive when you put some music on and get to work? I can waste infinite amounts of time in silence, but as soon as I hit play on the iTunes, I get ish done. What about you?

Here’s the first #SundaySounds, to get you through this short work week and enjoy the rest of your Memorial Day holiday!

I love Sza, not just for her awesome sauce curly hair (I’m finna make me a wig just like that!!!) but her whole vibe is chill. I’m already a big fan of Kendrick Lamar as it’s been so long since an artist really told a story with their music and album, so Sza’s collab with Kendrick on “Babylon” is an obvious pick. I also enjoyed “Child’s Play” with Chance the Rapper.

The Monsieur Adi remix of Beyonce’s Grown Woman is the song that I featured in my #GrownWomanJeans Lookbook and yes this remix really makes you want to shake your booty. You can check out his entire remix of the Beyonce album on his soundcloud.

Colourless Artibella off of Major Lazer‘s (a reincarnation of Diplo w/ various artists) mash up album with La Roux (wth have they been?!) is one of my fav fav fav songs, partly because it’s Ken Boothe’s Artibella mashed with La Roux’s Colorless Color and it just works so damn well.

I found out about Alex Isley lurking on someone else’s twitter timeline trying to up my cool, pretty sure it was HeyFranHey and then her song was featured in an Issa Rae series. Alex will definitely up your cool.

Y’all know I’ve been in an ultimate love fest with Kiah Victoria for forever-ever, playing her music dumb loud in a few of my tutorials. Gravitate is the title of her newest EP and one of my favs off the album.

Rick Ross’ Mastermind is always on rotation. Do I really need to explain why? And as much as I dislike French Montana and his lightskinned behavior with that silly “huuuunnnh”, “What A Shame” is surprisingly one of my fav tracks from the album.

Mafia Music III (Rick Ross w/ Sizzla) and the old school track of Shyne’s Bad Boyz are just nostalgic for me even though I’m not at all West Indian but living in Bedstuy Brooklyn for eight years, where I use to get doubles and Pear Drax for breakfast, lunch and snack or roti — you assimilate to the diversity of d’islands. Ugh…I just want some sorrel right now :/

Solange’s cover of the Dirty Projector’s Stillness is the Move, is all things grande, with a sample of Erykah Badu’s Bag Lady (which is really a sample of Dr. Dre’s Xplosive), how can one go wrong?

Last but not least is an ode to the official start of summer and us finally moving out of snow in April and in to warm weather, maxi dresses, margarita’s and the end of cuddle buddy season. Carl Thomas’ Summer Rain is never going away and I have too many memories wrapped around this song. Why did Diddy play him like that? smh…