The #BTVF: Behind the Valencia Filter series showcases successful Black professionals in industries that are often overlooked because mainstream likes to glamorize life in 2D. This episode features a college friend, Dr. Kareem Merrick, DDS. Dr. Merrick is a graduate of Howard University (both undergrad and School of Dentistry) and he currently practices in New York City, where he sits in several boards, is a member of faculty at Columbia and works with low income patients as well as private practice. He’s clearly passionate about dentistry and I thought he would be a great fit for #BTVF because dentists are often feared and overlooked. He use to be my dentist during his residency so I know he’s good at what he does. And this is slightly an ode to my Momma who always had a dream of working in dentistry. 

Check out the interview below. I took y’all advice this time and appeared in the video, but I had ADD and can be bad with eye contact so now I’m like uhhh…lol. Also head back over to my first #BTVF interview with Jovian Zayne of Teach from America [sidebar: she’s now my Soror!! So Deltas y’all are obliged to watch, lol]. Funny that both people I’ve interviewed are both members of Black Greek Lettered Organizations as Kareem is an Alpha. Totally coincidence but a fact of pride.

You can check out Dr. Merrick on Instagram or Facebook and learn some real necessary facts from his #ToothTruthsTuesdays