Tips on Finding Cute Women’s Shoes for Big Feet (Size 10+)

Some of us women have the unfortunate experience of having big feet. Oh hush to all the ladies with a size 9/9.5 complaining about their shoe size. As a clean size 11 we could swap shoe sizes any day. Promise. Not only do have a large shoe size, but I’m only 5’7. I’ve attempted to ask God why, but I’m sure he’s busy dealing with more important issues then my insecurities about how big my feet look compared to my height. Better, stronger foundation…maybe? Yes, I am a true blue size 11. Not a 10.5, there is no squeezing my big AND pinky toe into a size 10. My foot is not wide or narrow, it’s just a size 11. All day I give side eyes to my sister who is the sometimes 11 but can swing a 10 or 10.5 and she’s 5’9. As I’ve gotten over the insecurity about my feet, it’s often been very frustrating going shoe shopping. I want to wear cute women’s shoes too. I want a nice nude pump or the sexy heels to compliment my outfit. You know how wacktastic it is to get cute, face beat with your best outfit on and then you look down at your feet and realize you don’t have any shoes to go with your outfit. Anything over size 10 has long been relegated to old lady shoes, sneakers and boots. None of that goes with the classic black dress on a date night. Fortunately times have changed, larger women’s shoe sizes are becoming more prevalent even if they still don’t meet the demand but the glories of high line shopping have made life a little bit easier. So here are my tips on shopping and finding the right shoe for my size 10+ ladies.

A selection of my boots + heels.
A selection of my boots + heels.

Shopping tips:

  • Online is your friend, but read the reviews to see how shoes fit. I’ve never been led astray about reviews on whether the shoe is true to size or not.
  • When going into a physical location, shot straight and ask them what is the largest size they carry.
  • High end designer shoes, especially those of the European variety, tend to be on the narrow size so for a Louboutin, you do have to order a half size to a full size up.
  • Canadian shoes run big, I bought shoes from a Canadian shoe maker and was able to fit a size 10. Magic, I tell you.
  • Check out Wendy’s LookBook for a great tutorial on how to pick the right heel for your arch and how to walk in heels. Did wonders for me!

Budget friendly stores that carry over a size 10:

  • Payless – we all know this right? And size they divide their shoes by size it makes it super easy to see what they do have with the quickness. No hunting down a shoe salesperson to rummage through the stock room. Great value for work shoes and since they’ve been partnering with independent brands like Alice & Olivia, you can also snag a cute heel on the occasion.
  • Target – when they’re in stock. Maybe it’s a regional thing or because I’ve always lived in large cities, but Target is forever out of everything. Find out when their shipment/restock days are and shop on those days. They tend to always have sandals in sizes 10-12, so great for work and casual selections. Mossimo line also will have a decent selection of heels.
  • Marshalls/TJ Maxx/Ross – if you have the patience to look and really enjoy shopping. I don’t. I’m a see what I like, grab and go person. But depending on the region you and how much hunt you’re willing to put in, there’s a slim selection of size 10+ shoes at any of these discount box retailers.
  • Nine West – even better if you can find a Nine West Outlet. Saved my life so many times as a high schooler who just wanted to fit in.
  • Rainbow – for the cute shoes that will only last for 3 months. They’re cheap for a reason.

Mid-high range department stores that carry a size 10+:

  • Lord & Taylor – which is always my go to in a pinch cause I can always find a good shoe that’s under $50 without the salesman disappearing into the stock room for 2.5 hours. However, the Lord & Taylor in suburban Maryland by my job doesn’t carry over a 10, so this most be a regional experience. I’ve been able to find a good shoe at the NYC and Delaware locations, every time I walk in and I always walk in in a pinch. It might be because the one by my job is in a desolate mall that’s closing down in a few months.
  • Nordstrom – might require a bit more coin but they definitely carry a plethora of brands that carry up to a size 12. Oddly enough Michael Kors does NOT carry over a size 10 in their stand alone stores, but Nordstorm carries a size 11 in Michael Kors. They also will ship across stores if they have your size in another location.
  • Bloomingdale’s – catch them on a sale and your golden. Also you can give them your info and they’ll email you when they have your size in stock, make you feel all fancy and ish. Bloomie’s is best to catch at the beginning of the season. All my shoes from Bloomie’s have lasted me through the years, like 4+ years of wear and are definitely worth the little bit of extra coin.
  • DSW – It can be a bit overwhelming especially considering I am not big on shopping. However, DSW definitely carries 11s. You just have to play look & seek for that little yellow sticker.

Now let’s all give praise to the online retailers

  • JustFab – love them. They always have sales and I’m usually able to grab 3 pairs of shoes for $55, free shipping! I don’t care for their high boots, because it exposes the cheapness of them with the faux leather. But other than that reading the reviews helps me find shoes that are true to size and I haven’t had any problem with the shoes fitting. I do wish that their sandals were cheaper and they offered a wider range of flats.
  • ShoeMint – has a more conservative style then the trendy JustFab and the shoes are a bit pricier. But the quality is on par with the price.

Do you have a go to retailer that carries cute shoes for the size 10+ woman? Let us know in the comments below! Here’s a quick preview of some of my favs:

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