Some of us women have the unfortunate experience of having big feet. Oh hush to all the ladies with a size 9/9.5 complaining about their shoe size. As a clean size 11 we could swap shoe sizes any day. Promise. Not only do have a large shoe size, but I’m only 5’7. I’ve attempted to ask God why, but I’m sure he’s busy dealing with more important issues then my insecurities about how big my feet look compared to my height. Better, stronger foundation…maybe? Yes, I am a true blue size 11. Not a 10.5, there is no squeezing my big AND pinky toe into a size 10. My foot is not wide or narrow, it’s just a size 11. All day I give side eyes to my sister who is the sometimes 11 but can swing a 10 or 10.5 and she’s 5’9. As I’ve gotten over the insecurity about my feet, it’s often been very frustrating going shoe shopping. I want to wear cute women’s shoes too. I want a nice nude pump or the sexy heels to compliment my outfit. You know how wacktastic it is to get cute, face beat with your best outfit on and then you look down at your feet and realize you don’t have any shoes to go with your outfit. Anything over size 10 has long been relegated to old lady shoes, sneakers and boots. None of that goes with the classic black dress on a date night. Fortunately times have changed, larger women’s shoe sizes are becoming more prevalent even if they still don’t meet the demand but the glories of high line shopping have made life a little bit easier. So here are my tips on shopping and finding the right shoe for my size 10+ ladies.

A selection of my boots + heels.
A selection of my boots + heels.

Shopping tips:

Budget friendly stores that carry over a size 10:

Mid-high range department stores that carry a size 10+:

Now let’s all give praise to the online retailers

Do you have a go to retailer that carries cute shoes for the size 10+ woman? Let us know in the comments below! Here’s a quick preview of some of my favs: