I love Texas. I really do. Well, the big blue cities in the red state of Texas. Houston and Austin. Hopefully when I move out of this horribly cliquey city of Washington, DC, I’ll be able to land in Houston and find me a tall, shiny brown man with good credit, upward mobility and no knowledge of a side bish named Sallie…Sallie Mae. However my most recent adventure landed me in the state capital of Austin, Texas where the two week long SXSW conference was happening. My internet cousin, Evelyn From the Internet, so graciously allowed me to crash on her couch for 5 days. FIVE DAYS! She was far too kind helping me to save coin and totally inconvenience her private space. So I did what any considerate guest would do and offered to grant her own wish for a collab video.

Evelyn’s wish was eyebrows.

Eyebrows are all powerful, life changing experience that will open one up to a whole new world of opportunity. Like becoming a famous beauty guru. They exist between a fine line of artful skill and horrid crayola messiness. If you can make them look like they’re not chasing after each other, with the perfected arch that peaks just above your brow bone, you have won in life. Snatched eyebrows are only second to baby hairs. Baby hairs cure all sin.

Watch the video below and see how long it is before you join us in laughter as I bless Evelyn with the gift of eyebrows. Be sure to subscribe to her channel & check her out on twitter.

Also as I try to do better as a YouTube vlogger, I dragged my hunky camera out with me and vlogged a bit of my time in Austin at SXSW. It’s mostly me eating, drinking and dancing on repeat but there’s a few one liners in there you might want to catch. Check out that video below.

Question of the day! If you could live in any city, what city would it be? Let me know down below!