Beyond the Valencia Filter [#BTVF] is a new series, where I’ll be showcasing people who have reached success that isn’t often portrayed in the social media infatuated world where success means jet setting, exotic locations and heavily filtered pictures. My first feature is Jovian Zayne, Managing Director of Teach for America. This is a two fold interview, providing information on Teach for America, which is a great opportunity that I advocate at least researching and how Jovian has achieved success in her own right, her own definition.

This is not about defining success. It’s about exemplifying how success is a personal journey, only to be defined by you. I reached out to Jovian because a few have asked questions about Teach for America and because I believe she is a great example of humility and being genuine. She has every opportunity to display the glamorous lifestyle, but she’s forging her own path in a space that isn’t often held in high regard via squared 2D pictures. Check the interview below and you can find more info on Jovian here. If you have any questions for Jovian, be sure to leave them in the comments!