I haven’t updated this blog in a minute! I promise I’m going to get better. Life has been super hectic and I’m not the best with time management. I always feel like I can be doing so much more, but somehow I end up in bed and fall asleep. I moved to DC, started a new job, threw a successful hair event (still can’t believe that!), celebrated my sorority’s Centennial Convention (and the $600 I paid to register) all in the past month. My mind is spinning.

I wanted to emphasis our individual ability to create and control our own reality. It’s not an easy feat but it’s worth pursuing. And you’ll find the ability to do more and do better comes much easier when you’re not caught up in living someone else’s reality. Living just for a nicely filtered Instagram photo ain’t it. Plus, I like to share a bit more of my personal self, so people can come to a better understanding of who I am. I have no interest in cultivating an audience of mindless followers who I have the ultimate power to influence. The check that comes with that is nice, but I would much rather cultivate an audience that I can engage and have a genuine dialect with and maybe just maybe to curtail the amount of silly, no thought questions I get (lawdamercy, like folks NOT reading the captions or  just asking questions to talk themselves out of doing a hair style cc: havana twists). Here ya go, let me know your thoughts:

Paulo Coelho is the author I spoke of. One of my favorite blog posts from him, I have it bookmarked on both my computers, read it here.