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#SundaySounds – Thinking About Your Stare


Ahhh we is back! I’ve actually had this playlist sitting on ice since last week, but my internetz went out last week cause Comcast hates me or hates the hood in which I reside, but whatevs, I couldn’t get the post up in time. So here you go a brand new shiny #SundaySounds playlist with 9 songs that I absolutely love.

First up is Kiah Victoria‘s new song “Tralala” and y’all knows I stan heavy for Kiah. Almost makes me want to do another hair tutorial and sync it to this song…almost, y’all almost. I absolutely love seeing Kiah grow as an artist and her music just gets more amazing with ever new track released. Now I just need her to get take my social media advice and get on it girl! The masses need to know who she is.

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Disagreeing, Messiness & the #SmartBrownGirl


Last week after my I posted my response to the whole Curly Nikki/white woman debacle, things got a little messy though not on my part. Whatever you want to attribute CN’s awkward post of an email I sent her two years ago to, many #SmartBrownGirls weren’t feeling it and commenced to letting their feelings be known. Dragging, reads, wit and snark, I was being tagged in all of it and while I overwhelmingly appreciate the support, I don’t ever want to encourage divisive behavior.

What was really put me off about Curly Nikki’s response of sorts was that in it’s timing it added absolutely nothing productive to the conversation at hand and instead just fueled a messy conversation of ‘beef’ & which sides to take. That was not the conversation I set out to have and it’s highlighted a big problem that’s a symptom of our internet/social media culture – our inability to have highbrow, productive and respectful debates, disagreements, conversations.

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The other weekend a post on CurlyNikki, the top natural hair blog, featuring a White woman discussing learning to embrace her natural curls went viral. In this piece a young woman, who also has a YouTube channel on curly hair care, discussed how she learned to embrace her natural hair by taking her bun down and not always wearing her hair in a french braid when asked if she transitioned or if she big chopped. And then the internet exploded. [click to continue…]


The face of HIV/AIDs has changed in our generation. While the perception of the disease has become more humane it is still a prevalent force of the African American community, especially in the rungs of folks who sit on the lower end of the socio-economic spectrum. And even the image of those within the Black community who are impacted by HIV/AIDs has been slow to move past age-old hurtful stereotypes. A great piece to read is Buzzfeed’s recent expose on the Tiger Mandingo case and then Rich Juzwiak’s (Gawker) follow up critique of sorts. The Buzzfeed posts moves beyond the sensationalism of the story of a young (gay) Black athlete who knowingly while HIV+ had unprotected sex with various partners, it tips around the complexities of being Black while gay and gay while Black in the South and speaks directly with past partners of Tiger né Marcus Johnson, who benevolently place full blame on Johnson while acknowledging that they voluntarily had unprotected sex with him because he “looked clean” and was well ‘hung.’  Juzwiak takes it a step further and blatantly asks why don’t both partners share the onus of the possible implications of unprotected sex while further discussing the real facts of what it means to be HIV+ in todays society. Both pieces are worth the read and further thought.

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I Like ‘Em Thick – #HuskyTwitter


Let me tell you how happy I am to see Prince Fielder in all his thickem’s glory on the cover of ESPN’s 2014 Body Issue. Yes, yes and yes to all of that. I appreciate a finally cut physique as well, but my preference will always be to have something a little soft on the backside so when you go in for the hug and slide your hands down there’s something to grab on to. As August Alsina would say, I love it, I love it or misspell I luv this sh*t. I would drink it all up if Prince just had a wee bit more upper lip. I’m just not here for having someone kiss on my cloud and I’m kissing gums in return. Yeah…no beau. But I’ll just enjoy the gracious ESPN video of Prince de-robbing for his shoot. Girl, ma’am, Miss…all of that is fine. [click to continue…]


whitney-houston-album-cover-sophmoreI’m indifferent to the casting of the former America’s Next Top Model contestant, YaYa DeCosta as Whitney Houston. I’ve been told she can act, I haven’t looked up a reference to verify. I just want to wait for the actual Lifetime movie to premiere as I will most definitely be watching and hoping that she does a good job. Today Entertainment Weekly released the first look of Yaya as Whitney Houston, the pose is from Whitney’s sophomore self-titled album. And welp I just have #AFewQuestions…

1. What is that on her head?
2. Why does it look like she has on one of her grannie’s wigs backwards?
3. Why did the throw a $9.99 wig on her head?
4. They couldn’t at least have gotten the Futura Synthetic Fiber wig? They’re only $24.99…
5. Was Outre not available to be a wig sponsor? [click to continue…]