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But I Like Snacks & Being Soft Around the Middle


I’ve packed on a few pounds since I endured spending 16 months living in the District of Columbia. I’m still trying to decide how much I care about the weight I’ve put on. Do I care because my mother has called after I post a full body shot of myself on Instagram, to inform that “oh dear you have gotten chubby”? For 15 seconds after the call, sure. Do I care because I’ve finally started putting weight back on face and my cheeks now swallow all my other features? Not really. Do I care because all these Chinese companies are offering my gift cards and I can’t fit nan nothing on the site? Really tho…it’s because I’ve actually ordered things that were super cute and the zipper said nope after I zipped it up all the way to my waist line. It’s the clothing that does fit me cutting me in all the wrong places, indenting my smooth rolls into something awful and making me look like SpongeBob Squarepants second cousin. This ain’t fun or fair. Albeit I’m still rather ambivalent about my body weight because I enjoy every bit of how I look naked. Fat looks great on me but this Vitamin B deficiency doesn’t. So since I don’t really want to lose that much weight but what I do need and want to do is get be healthy overall, I shall commit to eating better. Moderately better. As in I can still enjoy a good chicken wing on any given day and a cocktail on the weekends, but I will overhaul my eating habits to do better.  [click to continue…]


Welcome to #PopSnark


Welcome to #PopSnark, my new Friday series on my YouTube channel. Although I’m posting this article on a Monday, just trying to keep my SEO game on par, I promise to do better and keep consistent with this unlike the fallen star of my #SundaySounds posts. Those got lost in the wind of me moving from DC to Houston and I literally just remembered today that I haven’t posted one in a clean minutes, oopsies.

On #PopSnark, where all things low brow to high brow are good enough to discuss as a #SmartBrownGirl as long as ones actual brows are on fleek! No one knows what ‘fleek’ actually means but it’s fun to say so rock with me here. I’ll be popping open something to sip on and discussing whatever has moved me for the week. Overall I do plan to loop in topics that I have already written about with the weekly #PopSnark vlogs and you can feel free to suggest topics to me, preferably via Twitter. This week on with the first, the protoplast #PopSnark video I popped opened a bottle of Hobnob Cabernet Sauvignon, which I can’t actually pronounce (blame it on the lisp). I’m not much of a Cab drinker, I prefer Cote du Rhone, but this was tasty. [click to continue…]


Back in May, Jamelle Bouie wrote a piece on Slate.com about Millenials lack of understanding of racism. Millenials, as in us, the generation that reached adulthood in these beginning of years of the 21st Century. Those of us who casted our first vote in the democratic system of the United States to herald in the first Black president. That same presidency according to some signifying the beginnings or maybe the precipice of the post-race era. And here we are… [click to continue…]


I keep wanting to quote “For Colored Girls…” because I feel like Ntozake Shange’s point in writing that choreopoem is one in the same with my mission in the #SmartBrownGirl movement and specifically, what I hope to be, event series.  To speak to the nuances of colored womanhood. Dig a little deeper, build a little higher and spread a voice to those unheard.

“somebody/ anybody
sing a black girl’s song
bring her out
to know herself
to know you
but sing her rhythms
carin/ struggle/ hard times
sing her song of life
she’s been dead so long
closed in silence so long
she doesn’t know the sound
of her own voice
her infinite beauty
she’s half-notes scattered
without rhythm/ no tune
sing her sighs
sing the song of her possibilities
sing a righteous gospel
let her be born
let her be born
& handled warmly.”

 – Ntozake Shange, for colored girls who have considered suicide/when the rainbow is enuf

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Black-Ish & Critiquing Black TV Shows


Black-ish, is the new ABC primetime sitcom that has quite a few people a buzz. I can’t recall the last time I saw a Black family on a major primetime cable channel, since TGIF of the early ’90s. And think about it 1995 was 19 years ago…now take a moment and exhale, it’s okay we’re all aging gracefully together. The title of the show also seems to puzzle, maybe slightly anger, some of our close to hollow melanin lacking companions, because like “post-race” and such is something people really do believe in. Therefore the mention of anything that blatantly relates to race also seems to lead to cirulr conversation that serve no purpose. This is a show about an upper middle class Black family, and how they’ve moved beyond the typical stereotypes of the Black community in America, while still having to deal with the nuances of what that really means. I get it, if you’ve never lived your day as an African-American person, I don’t expect that to make a whole lot of sense without you actually watching the show. But just watch, it all adds up in the most feel good of ways. [click to continue…]


I know my ass is late…this been sitting in my drafts since last week. But I’m too excited for my SOLD OUT #SmartBrownGirl event this weekend. Sorry y’all, I shall do better!

TGIT (Thank God It’s Thursday) is part of the Illumnati’s plans to ensure that Shonda Rhimes owns part of your life and I’m not mad at it. ABC network’s partnership with Shonda Rhimes’ production company, ShondaLand, is a beautiful marriage who’s offspring is the positive representation of the diversity of Black women. With plenty of wit, intelligence and hubris to go around, TGIT from Grey’s Anatomy to Scandal and How to Get Away With Murder is captivating with women who own their lanes (and their sexuality). Achieving what other networks are scrambling to grab on to but missing by long stretch…taking hold of one of the largest and most powerful consumer demographics in America, Black women. ABC does it without stuffing every negative stereotype of cat fights, neck rolling, finger snapping, overly sassy storylines down our throats. [click to continue…]