Hashtags & Protests Do Not Work #BlackLivesMatter

By On July 13, 2016

Hashtags and protesting accomplishes nothing. I’ve been hearing this message a lot of the past two weeks we’ve rolled through the hot heat of July. The summer breeze is stale. Many are… Read More


On Experiencing the Dallas Mass Shooting | #BlackLivesMatter

By On July 11, 2016

This is a lot to unpack. I’ve written two posts on this. One on @Medium: I experienced a mass shooting. The words sound heavy but they feel so empty. I am alive,… Read More


Orange is the New Black Season 4 Review | #OITNB

By On June 27, 2016

Where to begin with season 4 of Orange is the New Black. I marathoned through this season on a Monday, having passively watched the first half to the season that Saturday without… Read More


#PopSnark 35: Kanye Ain’t the New Muhammad Ali

By On June 23, 2016

Have you checked out my latest #PopSnark? I clearly can’t count because I thought this was number 36, and I don’t know how many times in 2016 I will say “I need… Read More

TV/Film Reviews

A Review of Roots 2016, Very Late

By On June 14, 2016

Do we call this a redux, reboot, redo? The new Roots miniseries that aired in four parts about two weeks ago. I’ve been getting a ton of requests, so I finally conceded.… Read More


Beyonce’s Feminism Can’t Be Trusted | On bell hooks

By On May 19, 2016

Whenever you pen a critique of Beyonce, whether it is in agreeance or opposition, we have somehow become obliged to noting that we, the critic, are not a member of the BeyHive.… Read More

African Diaspora

On Trying Ghanaian Food

By On May 12, 2016

End of last year I spent two months in Accra, Ghana. No, I am not Ghanaian or identifiably West African though my family, like many other Blacks in America, is the descendant… Read More


F*ckboy Astrology: What Sign Won’t You Date?

By On May 10, 2016

  My favorite past time on Snapchat + Twitter (sn: @jouelzy) is throwing shade at the Zodiac signs. What fun can’t be found in overgeneralizing based on one element of one’s birth… Read More


#Lemonade : The Cultural References & Critique

By On April 28, 2016

Beyonce’s Lemonade, was presented to us with so many layers. This is not only an album, but Beyonce is reworking how we consume albums. In an age, where albums are driven by the viability… Read More


#PopSnark 34: Put Some Respek in My Name

By On April 26, 2016

  It has been a mighty long time, so I long I forgot what number #PopSnark this is. I recorded the whole thing thinking it was number 35 and I was wrong.… Read More