Outrage is Profitable

Outrage has become a social currency. First strategically enacted by Kris Jenner in the handling of Kim Kardashian’s sex tape. Let the outrage happen, just look not simply damn good but desirable while all the eyes are you. Folks will be hot while typing away essays, but all you need is a handful of folks to go “ohh but I like her shoes” and outrage becomes profitable.  What’s transformed outrage into a truly profitable social currency are the algorithms behind every social media platform that are built to suck you into a digital rabbit hole. Your timelines on Facebook, Twitter,
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TikTok Has A Race Problem

The race problem on TikTok is glaring. Converse to the privilege and access that Charli has, most of the innovators on TikTok are almost always Black and Brown kids, who like Jaliah prior to that New York Times article, reaped no rewards from creating the Renegade dance.
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Is Billie Eilish Culturally Appropriating?

At first glance, nothing about eighteen-year-old Billie Eilish screams Black culture, at least not when you play her music. But after the 2020 Grammys people started talking about what they considered the obvious influence of Black American culture on Billie’s image.
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