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There are very few people of color who are seen as credible Astrologers or have made a genuine career out of astrology. In America, amongst Black people, astrology is little more than a surface entity where we hashtag with pride the better qualities of our sun sign. #TeamAries or team whatever, at the most we may follow a social media account that is dedicated to sending out general quips of what the characteristics of each sign are or check the monthly horoscopes in our favorite girly magazine. But the deeper aspects of it, with birth charts, rising signs and houses of various planets is largely left as a sprinkling of a sub-culture, where curiosity is the top several layers within the Black community. Enter Sam F. Reynolds, a Brooklyn based Astrology who was formerly penning the only astrology column for a premier African-American printed monthly publication, Ebony Magazine. I occasionally write for Ebony online, which is how I came about discovering Reynolds, a graduate of Syracuse University, an Alpha and former Baptist minister who now practices Islam. He was a great find on Twitter as he hosts tweet chats dedicated to one sign, covering all aspects of the sign from sun to moon literally. He then Storifys all his conversations so they are easy to access on a later date if you want to catch up on a topic he’s already discussed like Exalted Planets, which was an ah-ha for me as both my Sun and Moon sign are exalted. What does that even mean, you can check that storify here.

An old fling, well maybe he was more than a fling as he was the inspiration for several chapters in my book. Any who…past this shameless plug, said dude introduced me to Susan Miller a prominent astrologer who pens mini-thesis’ for all 12 zodiac signs every month and I became an instant follower, even meeting Susan several times. I ordered a birth chart through her, skipped to the parts about career & relationships then said womp, womp only the bad things she predicts happen to me, I don’t get what value this adds and moved on with my life. Then came along this YouTube channel where I every so often show people my crazy and talk about things nobody else is willing to talk about out loud. So questions have abounded about my personality and I abuse the zodiac but constantly mentioning my disdain for Aquarians and Pisces. So it made perfect sense to interview Reynolds about the true value of astrology, how to utilize it, and get a quick chart reading for myself. I am an Aries (Sun), Taurus (Moon), and Gemini (Rising), at the end of the video below we get into my particulars, so if you have a similar chart you are in luck. [click to continue…]


#DearWhitePeople is Thirty-Six Days Away! You Ready?


I still feel some type way that err’body but me has had the opportunity to see an advanced screening of Dear White People. But I will definitely be in someone’s theatre come October 17th for the official nationwide premiere of Dear White People! Why you say? Because at the very least it’s not a two dimensional portrayal of a sorry, miserable Black woman who can only be saved by turning her life to baby Jesus and crying into the arms of some old and grayed matriarchal character in drag. With the damage Lifetime TV is trying to hurl onto the college educated realm of Black folk with #BAPs, Dear White People is sure to be a reprieve that we’ve all been waiting for. Humor my bourgie Black instincts. Allow me to have a moment to reminisce about my years at a PWI with snarky reflections that have since been dismantled by the ringing of Sallie Mae. I’m just excited to have this moment, especially in supporting young Black talent in Hollywood. I might even actually pay for the movie theater popcorn instead of sneaking in my own snacks…well…actually, that’s a lie cause I will keep a carafe of wine in my purse. But the point is I’m just happy that Dear White People is not a water downed chitlin circuit affair. I enjoy those too on the occasion but showing the breadth of diversity amongst my folk excites me as well.  [click to continue…]


HeavenSigh T-Shirt Review [Sponsored]


HeavenSigh is a line of t-shirts for the natural hair community, with cute graphics showcasing the freedom of being you. They sent me a shirt for review and here it is. Do you like the graphic?

HeavenSigh is owned by Porsche Thompson “to provide women of color with an assortment of dangerously-cute apparel and head-turning accessories.” For the kinky afro textured girl who wants to flaunt apparel that celebrates her hair.   [click to continue…]


I’ve lived in major cities where public transportation was accessible for all but one year of my adult life. The one year I spent back home in Delaware, my Mother passed on her Honda Civic to me and spared me the anxiety of trying to catch up with Sallie Mae payments log enough for my credit to be just decent enough to get a car loan approved. Then last week I kissed all things known as Metro cards & SmartTrips good bye and with a one way plane ticket to Houston, Texas, moved into my souther suburban home with no bus or train routes in site — does Amtrak even run here? So now I have to buy a car. But what is most curious about venturing into the world of automobiles it that I’ve largely been told that when I got to the car dealership I should bring a man and I’m trying to remember who told me that? Who or what ingrained in me that as a single woman, I need to call up the nearest manly man and have him walk me through the car buying process. But peruse any car marketing and very rarely is it marketed towards women, let a lone the invisible group of women of color, even though women make up over 52% of the new car buyers in the USA. Even when it is marketed to women, there is almost always a man or family include in the advert. Do single women buy cars? Do they buy them alone, without father, boyfriend, brother, cousin, or husband? Or do women really only buy cars when they are headed to pick up their 6 foot, full hairline, white teeth, good credit, no kids bae or once they have the 2.5 American dream of a family? Well let the car marketing tell it… [click to continue…]


Part of being a #SmartBrownGirl is always striving to do better, even in areas that are not easy to confront. Criticism is high up on the chart of difficult to broach subjects and post my Lack of Support and Losing Friends post, I’ve had every intention of covering this topic. But it’s touchy, so I’ve dragged but we are finally here. The Lack of Support video got a ton of support, the feedback was largely in agreeance and grateful that I shared my story. There were a handful of people flat out suggested I don’t know how to take criticism and was too sensitive. They are untitled to their opinion as that is part of me sharing myself on these interwebs, but I do not agree with them. However, they were not the only ones who I felt missed the real point of that video. Even some who agreed with me missed the point because I don’t want to foster the idea that your friends as soon as they disagree with you or tell you something that you don’t agree with should be immediately cut off. The content of what those girls, during that lunchervention, said to me was not the main issue. It was their delivery, set up and then lack of understanding that was the issue.

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#BTVF is Behind the Valencia Filter, where I profile successful people of color in industries that are not glamorized by the mainstream. This one sits more on the fringe of that sentiment but I felt it was still a worthwhile interview to bring to my audience.

Devon Harris, formerly known as Devo Springsteen, is a Grammy award-winning producer who helped his cousin Kanye West start the G.O.O.D. Music Label. Devon attended undergrad at University of Pennsylvania, where he introduced his college roommate, John Stephens (now Legend), to his cousin and the rest became history. I met Devon during my brief stint at G.O.O.D. and have followed him as he launched his own music group and then dropped out of music to pursue an MBA at Columbia University. I was in the midst of considering an MBA, when I last talked to Devon and he mentioned he was working on a book. So I thought it would be great to reach back out to him, as I had just published my own book, and wanted to find out how his pursuit towards authorship was going. Turns out Devon had put the book on the back burner while honing his writing skills and launching his own tech start up Adventr.tv.

Devon talks about running your own tech start-up, knowing when to take a step back and take your time, creating his own bandwagon rather than riding others, and we have a brief discussion about his famous friends. Check it out below.

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